Frequently Asked Questions

This section of our website is where you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about the practice. Please be sure to visit this section to see if we have an answer posted about your concerns before calling with a specific inquiry.

May I speak to a doctor when the office is closed?

We have an after hours number (540-662-8496) that we answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you can speak to someone from the office at anytime. We do ask that you use this service for urgent questions only. For routine issues please call the main office number (540-667-1727) during regular business hours.

If I call the office during the day, how soon will my call be returned?

During regular business hours we receive many phone calls for various issues. We have a nurse whose sole purpose is to return many of the phone calls for advice. We do try to contact the more urgent ones first to provide an appointment in a timely fashion if necessary. Please make sure to leave a number that you will be able to answer. Calls that go to voice mail will delay the response time, so please be patient if you don’t receive a response quickly, especially if you have a non-emergent issue. Complex questions such as school troubles, behavioral issues or questions directed specifically to one of our physicians may not be returned until the end of the day or during lunchtime in that they are busy seeing patients in the office. We appreciate your understanding in these circumstances.

Does my child really need a yearly check up?

When children are young they come often for check-ups partly because they are growing and changing quickly and partly because they need immunizations. When they reach school age they still are growing and changing albeit not as rapidly. We do feel there are benefits to coming in for a regular physical every year during the school years. We continue to plot weight and heights, monitor blood pressures, follow development, watch for growth issues, update immunizations, discuss proper nutrition, evaluate school performance, screen for mental health issues when appropriate, track pubertal changes and much more. Additionally, if your child does school sports, scouts, camps or other activities which require physical forms, we can then sign all of those documents for you for the upcoming year. Children with health issues such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD or who look to us to refill medications that they take on a daily basis should be seen every year.

The biggest benefit of regular well child visits is that you and your child have a chance to develop a relationship with us. When the inevitable crises of growing up happen, often teachers, pastors and principals will tell parents to “talk to their doctor.” Having a relationship already established makes this easy and productive for families.

If I need a prescription refilled, how long does it take?

We are happy to assist you with prescription refills. You may contact your pharmacy to have them send us a refill request or alternatively contact our office to request a refill. Please provide a pharmacy when you do call. Because we receive many refill requests each day, we ask for 24 hours to provide this service. If you call during the week, your refill will be called to the pharmacy by 3:00 pm of the following business day. If you call on a Friday, it may not be available until Monday at 3:00 pm. Please contact the pharmacy to verify the refill has been received after the described times. We do not refill medications on the weekends. Certain medications need a written prescription such as mail order medications or controlled substances such as Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall. These will be available for pickup at our front desk within the same time frame as described above. If you need monthly written refills, please plan ahead to allow time for processing these requests.

Who can use the emergency clinic hours?

The emergency clinic is available for established patients of the practice only. Children with urgent illnesses or injuries that cannot safely wait until the next day may be seen during this clinic. The clinic is not intended to be a convenience clinic. We ask that you avoid bringing children with non-acute illnesses during these hours so that we may provide more efficient care to those children who are in need.

Do I need an appointment for the emergency clinic?

No, the clinic is a walk-in clinic. We usually see patients on a ‘first come’ basis. We do triage patients and may see the more acutely ill children first, especially infants. Please be considerate when this happens. We ask that you arrive during the first 30 minutes the clinic is open so we can triage effectively.

Can the emergency clinic refill prescriptions?

No. We only have one nurse and one doctor in the clinic. Their priority is to care for the acutely ill children. If you are seen in the emergency clinic, please do not ask the nurse to phone in your prescription. This takes away valuable time from providing efficient care to those in the clinic.

What insurances do you participate with?

Please call us during office hours on (540) 667-1727 to discuss our current insurance plans.

What is your office payment policy?

Co-Pays – Co-pays are due at the time of service at the check-out desk.
Deductible – Until your yearly deductible has been met, at least 20% of total office visit is due at the time of service. You will then be responsible for the amount insurance does not cover.
Percentage – If your insurance pays a percentage of the charge (example: 80/20), 20% of office visit is due at the time of service.
No Well Baby Coverage – Payable at the time of service unless a payment plan has been authorized.
Self Pay – Payable at the time of service with a 20% discount unless a payment plan has been authorized.
Filing Own Insurance – Payable at the time of service with a 10% discount unless a payment plan has been authorized.